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Architecture + Branding: McDonald’s disowns the roof and serves up a new image

1-Mansard memories McDonald’s. As a child, the name alone conjured up excitement and anticipation. Instantly, that well-known image of McDonald’s came to mind. Before I could even known what a double-sloped Mansard roof was, there it was, filling my thought stream like a fixture attached to the word.  Back then, McDonald’s seemed easier to comprehend, Big … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Mercedes-Benz gets Wise with smart in North America

1-From watches to cars The idea was ambitious if not naïve. Take everything known about the automotive business and toss it, because a revolution in mass customization was underway. In the late 1980s, Nicholas Hayek, CEO of Swatch watch maker SMH, hatched an ingenious idea for a small city car. The small car would be … Continue reading