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Architecture + Branding: Modern fire stations devaluing hallmarks of Vintage firehouses

1-Purpose built As one of the purest examples of “Form follows function”, an architectural credo espoused by Walter Gropius, firehouses were principally purpose built to accommodate equipment and crew, and to fulfill a narrow and explicit mandate. From the earliest days, the form and aesthetic generated from real needs with few characteristics that could be construed … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Eckerd pioneering spirit leaves built legacy past drugstore expiration date

1-Early to market In September 1898, J. Milton Eckerd and Z. Tatom opened the Erie Cut-Rate Medicine Store in Erie,Pennsylvania, thus becoming pioneers of the discount drugstore industry. The discount outlet met with success early on, offering over the counter medicines, personal hygiene items, tobacco and assorted products found in grocery stores of the era. Panorama … Continue reading