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Architecture + Branding: A and W restaurants best cruise steadfastly to recapture nostalgic magic

1-Brewing something big Utilizing a formula he had purchased from a pharmacist, Roy Allen opened a roadside root beer stand in Lodi, California in 1919 (source: wikipedia). It would be the first of many, as several additional stands would be subsequently added. In 1920, Roy Allen would join with Frank Wright and market the root beer … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Staples stratified design imperative increasingly segmented

1-Revealing a latent frustration Sensing that his frustration might be shared by others, Thomas G. Stemberg stumbled onto an idea in 1985 that would become a global market leader and Fortune 500 company. Along with co-founder Leo Kahn, that idea would grow into office supply retail titan, Staples, Inc. Based inFramingham, Massachusetts, Staples Inc., has … Continue reading