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Architecture + Branding: ONroute service centres remove locale on busiest Ontario 400-series highway travels

1-Are we there yet? For those familiar with prolonged highway travel, periodic stops, whether they be for refuelling, to grab a bite, to use the facilities or simply to stretch out for a bit, are an integral part of the road travel experience. When travelling on some of the busiest highways, it is not a … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Iconic Circuit City store design sparks instant recognition although plug pulled on retail business model

1-Formidable failure Profiled in Jim Collins’s “Good to Great” business management book, Circuit City had earned an enviable position as best-performing stock for any 15-year period between years 1965 and 1995. In a dramatic fall from grace, then second largest consumer electronics retailer in the United States, the company declared bankruptcy mere weeks into 2009. Following … Continue reading