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Architecture + Branding: Sephora provides compelling case for colour as cohesive element to convincingly coalesce conflicting store portfolio

1-Beauty. Redefined. Proposing an unprecedented hands-on shopping experience that stood in sharp contrast to the traditional department store cosmetics counter business model, Sephora’s self-service style has endeared it to a multitude of loyal consumers. Tracing its origins to Shop 8, a Limoges, France, perfumery founded by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1969, the brand was initially concentrated … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Best Buy short-circuits the urge to take a sledge to the wedge in latest store redesign effort

1-Newly refocused Facing similar challenges to many retailers today, Best Buy finds itself operating largely in two worlds, the increasingly pervasive digital and the traditional bricks-and-mortar physical. Attempting to bridge both and draw out their best features and advantages is a daunting task. In fact, the closing months of 2014 have provided prime examples of … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: NAPA Auto Parts brand know-how cleverly coalesces collective of diverse stores into ubiquitous NAPA system

1-Organizing system needed One of the axioms of vehicle ownership is that, no matter the model, make or vintage, servicing, maintenance work and component replacement will eventually be required to keep it performing optimally. For many retail consumers, such servicing work is the extent of their relationship and exposure to NAPA brand. NAPA AutoPro service … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Fiat fashions image filled with Italian flair to embark on modern American foray

1-Launch 2.0 A new generation of buyers have come into their own in the intervening years since Fiat last sold vehicles in the United States and Canada. Many of these buyers were yet to be born, or far too young to remember the full details as to the travails that the brand, and it’s customers, … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Assertive architectural design artfully alters the cringe-inducing drudgery of the laundromat

1-Cleaning ritual For many that have migrated to the typified single-detached home suburbia, a trip to the laundromat is a long forgotten chore, replaced with the convenience of in-home washing appliances. However, the laundromat remains a fixture for large segments of the population that reside within the urban core, significant portions of the post-secondary level … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Blockbuster’s “anyplace” architectural design culture unplanned contributor to the demise of retail behemoth

1-In a world … When Blockbuster LLC announced that it would be shuttering operations in the later half of 2013, it came as little surprise to many that had been following the downtrend of the video rental business and slow public demise of the former category titan. Launched in 1985 in Dallas, Texas, David and … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Victoria’s Secret architectural design progressively migrating away from implicit innuendo towards explicit extravagance

1-Transforming A department into THE department In the current retailing environment, whereby businesses cater to mass-markets and/or specialize in segments and sub-segments of the retail market, shopping for many consumer goods is plentiful. Fashion, apparel, intimates, consumers can choose from businesses that tailor their offerings to best respond to their particular needs and wants. However, … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Nissan’s normative approach to dealership design yields a sleek and proprietary aesthetic

1-Who DAT? Perceptible around the start of the new millennium, Nissan has increasingly developed a reputation as a stalwart of brand image and visual communication consistency. However, this had not always been the case. Originating in 1928 as holding company Nippon Sangyo (Japan Industries or Nippon Industries), Nissan only entered the automotive manufacturing industry in … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Discount fashion retailer Steve and Barry’s departs with few tangible traces of formidable triumphs

1-Exclusive becomes extinct At the height of it’s popularity in 2008, discount clothing and apparel chain Steve and Barry’s had become synonymous with affordable fashion, combining trendy designs with super-low prices, while undercutting mass discounters like Walmart and Target. Lacking some of the cachet of more established brands, Steve and Barry’s forged marketing and distribution … Continue reading

Architecture + Branding: Advocating the form adopted as the industry standard, The Home Depot concedes merit of moving beyond the “big orange box” model

1-Fragmented no more Home improvement retailing had long been composed of local, or regional chains, specializing in a specific category or sub-category of the construction sector, resulting in a fragmented scene, populated by lumber yards, hardware stores, and various specialized home improvement retailers. In the later half of the 1970s, a retail concept was born, … Continue reading


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